FAQs for Those New to Scouting

Who can join?

Anyone who has completed fifth grade or is at least 11 years old or earned Arrow of Light as a Webelos.

How do I sign my child up for Scouting?

First visit the troop with your child during a regular troop meeting, to determine if it’s a good fit. If your child decides to join, download the Youth Application and fill it out, then turn it in to the Scoutmaster.

How much does it cost to join?

  • Bridging Webelos pay $55 to cover the cost of The Scouts BSA Handbook, Neckerchief, Slide etc.
  • Troop 330 uses the “Three Musketeers” form of fundraising (One for all and all for one) as well as “Scout Accounts”. We believe that no scout should miss out on an outing for lack of resources. For further infor- mation please review the troops Scout Account policy.
  • Outings normally cost $30 with some costing more.

What do we do for fundraising?

  • Pancake Breakfast, BSA Popcorn, AVAYA Stadium concessions and other fundraisers.
  • The troop also has voluntary annual dues to supplement the fundraising.

Can I go on outings with my child?

Absolutely! For parents/guardians who just want to go on an occasional outing, all we ask is that you take the free, online Youth Protection Training course prior to the outing. If you are interested in regularly going on outings, you may be a good candidate for joining the adult leadership of the troop. Please talk to the Scoutmaster to find out more about leadership opportunities.

I don’t like to camp, but I’d like to help in other ways. Are there other ways for adults to get involved?

YES! We are always looking for help with planning activities (whether or not you intend to go on them), fundraising, outreach to the community, troop administration, and more. Please see the Committee Chair or any adult leader to find out more.

What’s the best way to ensure my son has a good Scouting experience?

Get involved. Youth whose parents are involved with the program are generally more engaged in troop activities, tend to advance in rank more steadily, get more out of the program, and have a much higher chance, statistically, of staying in Scouting.

Is uniform required?

Scouts are expected to be in uniform for Scoutmaster conferences, boards of review, courts of honor and 2nd Wednesday of the month. The rest of the time they are expected to wear the uniform shirt, neckerchief and belt.