Boy Scouts of America 100 year aniversary

Boy Scout Troop 330 Campbell, Ca

Serving The Community Since 1949
Pioneer District - Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

Frequently Asked Questions for Those New to Scouting

Q: Who can join a Boy Scout troop?

A: Any boy who is at least 11 and not yet 18 years of age, or a boy who is 10 and has either finished 5th grade or has earned his Arrow of Light award as a Webelos Scout (the highest rank in Cub Scouting).

Q: How do I sign my child up for Scouting?

A: First visit the troop with your son during a regular troop meeting, to determine if it’s a good fit. If your son decides to join, download the Youth Application and fill it out, then turn it in to the Scoutmaster.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: There are two parts to the joining fees. The troop joining fee is $20, which pays for the items the troop supplies for each new Scout. Additionally, there is a BSA registration fee. That fee is pro-rated depending on how many months are left in the year—if you join in January, the fee is $27; if you join in December it’s just $1.25 (but you’ll have to pay for re-registration soon after).

Q: Are there ongoing costs?

A: Yes. Monthly outings and other activities have costs associated with them. Weekend campouts generally cost $25 to $30 per person. Longer or more complex outings will cost more (summer camp averages around $350, for example). Additionally, we do ask for a yearly donation per family of $150, which covers yearly re-registration fees, the cost of patches and awards, and other services, supplies and equipment provided by the troop.

Q: What if our family can’t afford all those costs?

A: A No boy should be denied the Scouting experience because of financial hardship. The troop has an active fundraising program, Scout Accounts (where boys can use some of the money they earn fundraising to “pay their own way” on outings), and a “No Scout Left Behind” policy that can help to bridge gaps. Please talk to the Scoutmaster or troop Committee Chairperson for more information.

Q: Can I go on outings with my son?

A: Absolutely! For parents/guardians who just want to go on an occasional outing, all we ask is that you take the free, online Youth Protection Training course prior to the outing. If you are interested in regularly going on outings, you may be a good candidate for joining the adult leadership of the troop. Please talk to the Scoutmaster to find out more about leadership opportunities.

Q: I don’t like to camp, but I’d like to help in other ways. Are there other ways for adults to get involved?

A: YES! We are always looking for help with planning activities (whether or not you intend to go on them), fundraising, outreach to the community, troop administration, and more. Please see the Committee Chair or any adult leader to find out more.

Q: What’s the best way to ensure my son has a good Scouting experience?

A: Get involved. Youth whose parents are involved with the program are generally more engaged in troop activities, tend to advance in rank more steadily, get more out of the program, and have a much higher chance, statistically, of staying in Scouting.

Q: Where is the Scout office and scout shop located?

A: The Council’s Scout Service Center and the South Bay Scout Shop are located at 970 W Julian, San Jose, CA 95126.

Q: I want to become a merit badge counselor. What do I have to do?

A: To become a merit badge counselor for the Scouts in your troop all you have to do is complete a BSA Adult Leader Application and submit it to the council office. No fees are required. Please note on the application that you are applying to become a merit badge instructor. You have to take the merit badge counselor training offered by the council. (See the council training website for the current training calendar)